Through my years of as a creative (art director – designer), I have been busy with the concept of The Brand, and what makes them irresistible. And at the end of the day, curtain branding values remain true..

“A brand is an experience living at the intersection of promise and expectation. In other words, what is promised by the brand owner and what is expected by the brand’s audience become one and the same—It’s that simple and that complex.”

So here is how I can help you:

* Do you feel like your beloved Brand has a split personality? On one hand you are smart, funny, conceptually irresistible but you always feel under dressed when ever you make an appearance?

* Do you need help figuring out how to explain your concept: who you are and what you do, with a simple yet very juicy language?

* Do you want your brand to be seen as a beauty but remembered for its brains and self-confidence?

I am a visual story teller. I take the emotional and intellectual content of your Brand and roll these together until your message becomes compelling and clear. Your product may be very corporate or very personal, but the process is the same in order to create a language and tools that are both easily identifiable and highly flexible. Once this is in place your Brand can take the next bold step into the real world… all it takes is the first bite!

Behind Eve stands an accomplished group of freelance copy writers, photographers, programmers, designers, marketers, event managers and dreams who regularly create exciting work together, so don’t be shy can get in touch for a free conversation that will open your mind to so many possibilities.